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Synopsys expands Coverity features


Synopsys released Coverity 2018.01, the latest version of its static analysis tool which analyses source code to detect critical quality and security defects early in the software development lifecycle. The new version extends the tool’s support for new programming languages, coding standards, and development tool integrations.

“Secure, high-quality software is increasingly becoming imperative for business success and the wellbeing of end users in the face of the growing threat landscape,” said Andreas Kuehlmann, general manager, software integrity group, Synopsis. “At the same time, the pace and process of software development are changing dramatically.

“For this reason, the tools used to find defects and potential security vulnerabilities through the development lifecycle need to evolve as well. By supporting new programming languages, secure coding standards, and out-of-the-box integrations with modern development tools, Synopsys enables organisations to expand their software portfolios and embrace new development paradigms like DevOps with the assurance their code is high quality and secure,” Kuehlmann said.

Among Coverity 2018.01’s new features are:

  • Support for Scala and VB.NET
  • Enhanced security analysis for Swift, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, C# and Node.js
  • Full support for SEI CERT C coding standard rules (2016 edition) and all versions of the MISRA coding standard

Enhanced plugins for Jenkins continuous integration (CI) server to enable automated testing in DevOps environments.

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