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Sony new wireless speakers to party on


At the CES 2018, Sony announced the new SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31, XRS-XB21 EXTRA BASS wireless speakers aim to be the perfect party speakers, boasting of portability, durability, “Extra Bass” sound, and “Live Sound” mode.

Sony EXTRA BASS speakers 02The speakers can sustain and focus on “deep bass” and “punch bass” for bass-heavy music found in popular music genres such as EDM, grime, and hip-hop. The Live Sound mode uses a new digital signal processor (DSP) to create a three-dimensional music experience, emulating the atmosphere of a music festival in the living room.

Sony EXTRA BASS speakers waterproof, dustproof, rustproofThe speakers are washable thanks to a new fabric material used, protecting it from spillages. They are waterproof and dust-proof with an IP67 rating, making them robust enough for use on the beach, a pool party or even muddy places. It is also rust-proof for protection against seawater damage.

The speakers are wireless and compact, with a battery life rated between 12 (SRS-XB21) to 24 hours (SRS-XB41 and SRS-XB31).

Sony said up to 100 speakers can be connected via Bluetooth to fill a room or build a wall to create a vast sound experience.

Sony EXTRA BASS speakers strobe effectTo enhance the party experience, the EXTRA BASS speakers also come with a “Party Booster” feature that can be used like an instrument. They have a built-in accelerometer that can detect tapping from five different directions, and respond with sound and lighting.

The SRS-XB21 produces a single-colour line light; the SRS-XB31 has multi-colour line lights and flashing strobe effects; the SRS-XB41 has speaker lights, multi-colour line lights and flashing strobe lights.

All three models will be available in Malaysia from June 2018. The SRS-XB41 will come in black, white, dark red and dark blue; the SRS-XB31 in black, white, two-tone red, two-tone blue, and two-tone yellow; the SRS-XB21 in black, white, red, blue, and yellow.


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