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MyDiamo to include PostgreSQL support


Data encryption vendor Penta Security Systems Inc announced that its open source database encryption solution, MyDiamo, will expand its offerings to include support for PostgreSQL.

MyDiamo secures open source database management systems at low cost. It offers free licences to small and medium enterprises looking to encrypt databases and charges a minimal-cost commercial licence for enterprises seeking enhanced features. Penta Security also makes the full enhanced version available to non-profit organisations free of charge.

Penta Security saw a dramatic increase in interest from individual clients, security administrators for enterprises, and non-profit organisations in using open source options for security to their databases. According to DB Engines, nearly half the market is utilising open source management systems rather than commercial systems.

According to Penta Security, commercial database options for enterprises typically involve vendor lock-in, which is why a compatible open source DBMS like PostgreSQL recently soared in popularity. However, security is an often-neglected area and MyDiamo meets an urgent need to secure data at the enterprise level regardless of its location, it said.

“Open source database technologies have steadily matured. These days, people can develop useful applications that benefit their community using tools available on the web,” said Daniel ES Kim, chief technology officer, Penta Security Systems. “However, data leakage incidents have plagued even enterprises. Not many are equipped to implement encryption. With PostgreSQL as part of MyDiamon’s supported DBMS offerings, we hope prioritising security becomes achievable for more people and organisations.

Differentiating itself from other encryption solutions or services, MyDiamo requires no code modifications because encryption is done at engine-level within the database. It utilises Transparent Column Encryption, ensuring less than 4% system performance change before and after encryption without requiring modification to the application program or query.

With both non-commercial and commercial licences, MyDiamo’s encryption solution supports MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona, as well.

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