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Mobile commerce the way to go, says Facebook


As smartphone use becomes ubiquitous, businesses should rethink their strategies to embrace mobile commerce. Facebook Malaysia’s country director Nicole Tan said one in two Malaysian Internet users shop on mobile and m-commerce grew 300% faster than e-commerce this year.

Tan said over 62% of users check their phones more than 30 times a day, of which 14 times or more are their Facebook feeds. There are more than 19 million people in Malaysia on Facebook, which translates to 95% of all people in the country on the Internet and over 13 million people access Facebook daily on mobile.

In a TNS Global survey commissioned by Facebook, 94% of Malaysians on Facebook discover products and brands on the platform, and three in five of them make a purchase after discovery, said Tan.

She added that a VISA survey last year found that 49% of store purchases are influenced by digital interactions, of which 57% are on mobile and 42% search for information on their smartphones while in-store. It concluded that 69% of shopping decisions contain an element of mobile.

“There are huge untapped opportunities in this space. Businesses have to be faster in adopting mobile strategies that reach people at every step of the fragmented commerce journey. We are committed to helping businesses grow and reach the 19 million people on Facebook in Malaysia, whether for brand building, demand generation, or driving leads and sales,” she added.Facebook Nicole Tan

Facebook Malaysia recently hosted “Mobile Moves Commerce” to give some insights on how mobile can drive commerce. At the event, McDonald’s Malaysia senior marketing manager Eugene Lee shared how the restaurant chain is using mobile.

McDonald’s Malaysia launched its Big Mac Chant Challenge campaign in October as a fully mobile campaign. “For the first time ever, we are not investing any budget in television or print because we believe that digital and mobile platforms such as Facebook have become so mass [market]that it allows us to achieve high reach with maximum efficiency,” he said.

The fast-food chain promoted its campaign on Facebook using Canvas and Video Ads with Facebook Creative Shop.

“The first time we ran a large campaign on Facebook with our Rio Burger, we saw a huge 11-point lift in customer recommendation and exceeded sales of the burger by 40%,” he added.

Another panel member, Fong Wai Hong, CEO and co-founder of StoreHub, was also enthusiastic about the analytics provided by Facebook. With the platform, businesses can target specific market segments and obtain measurable results on the efficacy of their campaigns. “We can tell exactly what works and what doesn’t, and adjust accordingly. We cannot get this through traditional methods,” he said.


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