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Teradici launches Cloud Access software and platform for migration to any cloud


Teradici announced its new Cloud Access Software and Cloud Access Platform, which lets enterprises migrate desktops, workstations, workloads, workflows and graphics-intensive applications to any cloud, public or private, including Linux instances.

Cloud Access Software, built on Teradici’s PC-over-Internet Protocol (PCoIP) technology, securely delivers content across all network conditions on a variety of desktop and mobile end-point devices, including PCoIP Zero Clients. Cloud Access Platform, an extension of Cloud Access Software, gives enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs) the flexibility to build customised cloud applications. It includes APIs and SDKs for customised workflows, endpoint interfaces and client-host interactions, specialised device and peripheral support, and integration with management infrastructure.

“Our Cloud Access Software makes it possible for enterprises to migrate or ‘lift and shift’ applications and workloads to the cloud without re-engineering, thanks to our proven PCoIP technology,” said Dan Cordingley, CEO of Teradici, in a statement.

“Cloud Access Platform changes the game for enterprise customers and solution providers that need access to building blocks, APIs and SDKs to develop the customized solutions required by businesses today,” he added.

The new products make it simple for organisations to capitalise on cloud computing’s ability to scale resources and leverage global talent pools as needed for varying project requirements. With Cloud Access Software, even the most graphics-intensive workloads can be moved to the cloud without compromising security, and large datasets no longer need to be transferred around, the company said.

Microsoft’s Azure Compute partner director, Corey Sanders, said the new releases will benefit Microsoft Azure customers who demand the delivery of rich, graphics intensive applications, made possible with PCoIP technology. “Through our ongoing relationship, Microsoft and Teradici are assuring that our customers stay at the cutting edge of performance for graphics accelerated applications in the cloud,” he said.

Cloud Access Software also works on Linux instances for the first time. IT administrators can deploy virtualised workspaces for developers, engineers, researchers and designers on their choice of CentOI, Red Hat Enterprise Linus or Ubuntu.

“Ubuntu is the most popular OS for Linux developers. Cloud Access Software’s Ubuntu support means millions of developers can now run their Ubuntu desktop in the cloud, where they can enjoy the performance of a virtual desktop running in server class hardware, as well as high speed and low latency access to back-end services,” said Jon Melamut, vice president of commercial devices operations at Canonical. “Enterprises can now recognize the security and OPEX benefits of virtual desktops while securely delivering a rich user experience to Ubuntu developers on a variety of end-point devices including PCoIP Zero Clients.”

Teradici resellers in Malaysia are: BitsBytes Solutions Sdn Bhd (+60 3 8688 2392); and TeraTie Solutions (+60 12 326 1495).


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